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The Aware and Sub-conscious Mind


The Computer of Your Mind

The Aware and Sub-conscious Mind paranormalcy_jkt_ed2-195140034_std

Your mind is split into the mindful, subconscious and superconscious.

The conscious mind is the part you know best, which you use to think, observe the world, and perform consciously. Think of the aware mind as the “processor” in computer terms.

The subconscious mind is the memory bank, and holds everything you have ever seen, heard, smelled, or experienced. The subconscious is like computer storage, only many times more powerful.

It’s programmed by ‘input’ from your acutely aware mind and the world around you.

The superconscious mind is the innermost part, and defines who you are. This spiritual part, communicates with a Higher Power. It picks up the energy from other people’s spirits.

It’s important to understand you ‘program’ your subconscious mind, through your conscious mind. As a child, you learned by practice. Learning to walk took time, during which you often fell. The subconscious mind learns from your failures, and successes. Gradually, your mind knows what works and what to avoid.

Your subconscious mind doesn’t distinguish between reality and imagination. Therefore you can ‘program’ yourself for success by tricking the sub-conscious mind, using repetitive imagination. Successful athletes ‘program’ their success by imagining their success step-by-step. The subconscious mind accepts this dreamlike action, as reality.

The thoughts you think, and the words you say are powerful, and go a long way to creating your reality. Watch the thoughts you put into your subconscious mind. Consciously think positive, and good thoughts.

Other people’s thoughts and words also affect you, and if you let them, program your subconscious mind. Be conscious of this and use the tools provided in Chapter three to block circumstances that you don’t want.

Discoveries of the mind’s full power of the mind is growing. Breakthroughs in the mind’s ability, have only recently been learned.

Your Inner and Outer self

The subconscious mind is your storage bank, and remembers everything. The superconscious mind connects with your spirit, the Universe, and a Higher Power. Now you know your subconscious mind is programmed and accessed, by your conscious mind. You can learn techniques to program your inner self. Direct your thinking and achieve the life you want.

For this chapter, I’ll call the conscious mind the outer self, and the subconscious and superconscious minds, the inner self.

Awaken the power of your inner self. Although it seems the conscious thoughts and experiences, or your outer self, control your actions, it’s your inner self-that’s the real power.

The total knowledge of the universe is available. You merely need to ask your inner self-to provide creative ideas and guidance, and it will. Access this great storehouse, through meditation and dreams.

Accessing the Universe’s Storehouse

Ask the Universe for answers to your problems and concerns. Concentrate on a problem, believe for an answer, then forget it. The best time to try this is just before you go to sleep. Concentrate on the problem, without trying to resolve it, think about all aspects, then put the whole question out of your mind. Your inner self-goes to work, and in time the answer will arrive. For example, how often have you met someone but couldn’t remember their name? This nags at you, until you put it out of your conscious mind. Out of the blue, when you least expect, the answer arrives.

You can use this technique to solve problems, create ideas for business, improve relationships or create a general feeling of well-being and optimism.

Combining your inner and outer self, when used correctly will manifest the life you desire. By right thoughts and beliefs, you can program your inner self to access the vast storehouse of the universe. The information you need is one thought away.

Self-Help Happiness

Remember the automatic pilot, it operates whether you realize it or not. Control your thoughts, limit your exposure to the negative, and your life will be great.

Strategies to Counter Negativity

Think thoughts of peace, prosperity, achievement and purpose and these will display in your daily life. Let thoughts of anger, loss and bitterness dominate your thinking and you will develop illness and depression. When you become aware of these types of thoughts let them drift effortlessly back out of your mind, consciously replacing them with uplifting thoughts and ideas.

One tool you can use to program your mind, is by affirmations and prayers. They do work, and you can use them for ‘general’ positive programming. Spend time each day to proclaim with words, what you want to manifest in your life. Over time, you will see results. Successful people from all walks of life have learned this secret. They automatically replace the negative, with positive, life enhancing thoughts.

This God given knowledge can transform your life. You already have within you the capacity to live a contented and harmonious life. Awaken your belief and choose to use your God given ability to use your mind and achieve your dreams.

Your inner self cannot reason and works purely as you would program a computer. You will manifest the thoughts you think, and the words you speak.

Only allow thoughts of prosperity, health and peace to enter the depths of your inner self. Use any means to stop the negative and destructive thoughts or words that speak of lack, poverty and bad luck to enter or stay in your mind.

Be careful to check other people’s words to you and about you. When you hear remarks that are not helpful don’t internalize them. Immediately cancel them by speaking out positively. “No, I’m not hopeless – I am a wonderful creative being who succeeds in every area of my life”.

If you realize that you’re giving yourself negative auto-suggestions, make every effort to change these. For example you may say « I can never lose weight and I hate to exercise ». Change this to a positive affirmation: « I am careful what I eat and drink. I choose food that nourishes me and moves me towards my goals. I choose to exercise every day and look forward to the good feelings that exercise gives me. »

Monitor newspaper articles, and television programs. You’ll be surprised at the negativity that bombards you. Develop a strategy to cancel these thoughts and ideas. Replace them with uplifting and life affirming suggestions, until they become the norm for you.

Core beliefs and How They Affect Your Life

What are you core beliefs, developed in childhood? Beliefs like « no one in our family goes to college, » « be happy with your lot, » « you never finish anything, » and “You don’t deserve to be wealthy.”

It is important to work on changing these core beliefs and reinvent new beliefs for you. Beliefs can be stubborn and difficult to shift. You can change them, by replacing with positive beliefs. Program new beliefs with the use of affirmations and affirmative statements. Persevere, over a period of several weeks, using affirmations spoken out loud several times a day until your new beliefs replace the old.

Allow negative thoughts to dominate your life and life will be unhappy and depressing. Re-program your inner essence with good thoughts, and ideas, then your life will become exciting, interesting and harmonious.

Choose to be miserable and you will attract depressing friends. The adage, that misery loves company, and it is true. Choose to be upbeat, exude love and compassion, then you’ll attract beautiful souls. Like does attract like. You do have the power to react to others as you want. Reject their negative words and reply with love and support, and you will soon find that your old friends will change with you or move away from you. Seek out positive, happy and loving people. Don’t allow energy vampires drain the life force out of you.

Be aware of every idle word that you speak, or idle thoughts that drift into your mind. Allow yourself to entertain the best, and reject the rest. Don’t others’ beliefs, control you. Choose your own. Choose to feel blessed, prosperous and healthy.

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